Virginminds Chemicals
...Catalyzing Growth

Virginminds™ Chemicals is committed to provide services to the development of Indian industry. Placing the emphasis on quality of the raw materials we supply and, above all, quality of our technical and business approach, we have set to make a predominant position in chemical distribution in India.

We service the following sectors:

Coatings, Plastics, Polymers, Rubber, Material and Plastic Additives, Base Chemicals, Performance and Fine Chemicals, Personal Care, Pharmacy, Basic Ingredients, Food & Health, Animal Nutrition and Composites.

We represent selected international and national manufacturers; our staff is well informed in the specific requirements of the market. The area we serve is wide and it develops continuously as a result of market exploration and well maintained relations with both customers and suppliers.

Additionally, the company provides cost effective consulting services in Technology, Formulations, Logistics, Quality assurance and Safety standards.

Our consulting group has the team of experienced and highly qualified professionals, technologist and manufactures from a vast area like Coatings (Paint & Ink), Cosmetics, Cleaning products, Soaps & detergent industry.

We strive to “Catalyze Growth” of our client’s.

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